Saturday, November 27, 2010

The trouble with Vegans

The issues are Belief and diet.

We are surrounded by people who are, on average, getting fatter by the day. There is a small minority who are actively concerned about their health, and work at their diet and exercise regimen to maintain or even improve their physical and mental capabilities.

Tasha was a committed Vegan. Despite insurmountable health problems caused by her diet, she persevered to the point of agony, driven by her Beliefs and the resulting disgust she had for the concept of consuming any animal products.

I am not preaching about diet here. I eat what I eat, and you are free to eat what you eat. I will discuss diet and exercise, but it not an evangelical trip. I do what works for me.

For me, Tasha's story is not about diet. It is the rocky journey that people take when changing their Beliefs, even when these Beliefs threaten their well-being, and even their life!

I have said in the past that the logic that people use to solve one problem, they apply the same "logic loops" to the way they solve other problems. Step-and-repeat.

A "coming to God" of Tasha's magnitude causes a huge dissonance. When people have a failure of a foundational, fundamental Belief, it fractures every other tower of logic and belief they have created in every other part of their life. A questioning of this scale washes through the entire rest of their Belief Systems, because their change in their thinking methodology in this has them looking at everything else where they hold strong convictions, and wondering if that thinking is wrong too.

And since their thinking methodology has been based on Belief, it is highly likely there is much wrong with the rest of their thinking.

This is a cautionary tale. At the end of the day, Tasha has traded one set of Beliefs for another. They may be radically different, but this nagging thought occurs to me.

Will she be as committed to her new Beliefs, and have as much problem with change in the future, or has she really changed the paradigm, the manner in which she solves the questions that will continue to arise in her life?

We are living in interesting times. Huge change is upon us. Can we accept the changes and adjustments we will all have to make, or will we have to go through the agony Tasha describes as we adjust?

Worth thinking about. How flexible are we, really?

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